Website Launch & CEO Message

John & J.C. Anderson with Kelly Hirsch

January 27, 2022

Dear all,

Well, it’s official! I am pleased to unveil the Show Jumping Canada website to accompany the founding of the organization on Canada Day of 2021.

SJC began as an idea of mine several years ago in 2015, the year I lost my father, J.C. Anderson. Dad was always a philanthropic man who loved to help his community in anyway he could. He worked hard during his lifetime, and there are many organizations that have, and continue to, benefit from the fruits of his labour.

It was on the final night during the $100,000 Spirit of West Cup at the inaugural Royal West I hosted in 2014 where he told me that he was proud of the work I had done bringing this event to the show jumping community. I remember him saying on that night: “John, you know, when I go to the big gas field in the sky, I hope you are able to continue supporting and giving to the sport that has given so much to you over the years.” It was then that the idea was born.

There was a lot of hard work involved making that very first Royal West take place. I’d like to say it was easy, but that wouldn’t be true. Politics, red tape, federations, date conflicts, etc., etc. always made it difficult, but it’s been one heck of a ride, and last year all of those efforts paid off when we hosted — and successfully, I must say — the 2021 Equestrian Canada Canadian Championships. I thought of my father on the final night when along with Meg Krueger and Karen Hendry-Ouellette of Equestrian Canada, the gold medal was placed around the neck of Alicia Gadban-Lewis, the very talented young rider from British Columbia who was crowned the 2021 Canadian Show Jumping Champion. Alicia, along with so many other young athletes, benefitted from the most lucrative Canadian Championships in history last year. I thought to myself then, “That’s a good start!”

Show Jumping Canada

While today is the official launch of the SJC website, the organization has already been quite active in supporting the community since its incorporation. Following are some examples of the good work SJC has already done to support Canadian athletes:

• Arranged a $30,000 donation to help with the clothing and supplies for the Canadian team of young riders who attended the North American Youth Championships last summer.

• Supported the Angelstone Silver Series Finals last September with $50,000 in athlete development bursaries and podium medals presented to the champions of all the divisions.

• Partnered with Voltaire Design to present three fortunate riders with custom-made saddles to help them excel in their careers.

• Presented two riders with a $500 grant each to help them with their show bill at an event in Ponoka, Alberta in November. 

To say the least, 2021 was a great giving year for SJC and we have lots more in store for the future.

Please browse through the website and get acquainted with all the various programs we are offering that include lucrative grants. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you are up-to-date and don’t miss any opportunities.

Whether you are Grass Roots, Next Generation, a Competition Venue, a Stable or Training Facility, a Coach, an Official, a Sponsor, a Parent, or a fan of our sport, SJC members are our first priority. We are committed to being a national organization that supports ALL members, and our goal is to ensure that each member who applies will receive some sort of monetary benefit within the first few years. With so many existing programs and more events being planned, committed members of the show jumping community will find plenty of benefits in becoming a member.

I look forward to building the team and developing SJC in the coming years into an entity that Canada’s equestrian community is proud to support. I’m sure there will be challenges, but I look forward to meeting them head on and working to build an even stronger Canadian show jumping community.

I’m signing off with a promise, and that is to always be available to chat with any of our members and address any of your questions or concerns.

Sincerely Yours,

John C. Anderson
Show Jumping Canada