John Anderson, Chair of SJC, and T.J. Schippling, CEO of Equine Choice, present SJC bursary funds to the winners of the 2021 Silver Playoffs.

Programs that SJC supports

Next Gen

SJC supports riders under the age of 30 working toward High Performance with financial & educational opportunities.


SJC supports riders just starting in the sport with financial & educational opportunities.


SJC supports riders, coaches & officials with financial & education support as they work to improve their knowledge of the sport.

Venue/Stable Development

SJC will allocate funds to help show jumping venues improve their facilities.

Top of the Leaderboard

SJC will award $1,000 from May through October to the top three riders in a random division based on EC rankings.

Competition Support

SJC supports creative competitions that would like to offer new and different events to participants.


Join to be eligible for lucrative programs!

Riders, Trainers & Owners

$ 75
/ Year
  • Qualify for monthly awards & prizes! Riders can also apply for funding to pursue competition goals.

Competitions & Stables

$ 150
/ Year
  • Competitions and Stables can apply for lucrative funding to make improvements to their facilities.


$ 75
/ Year
  • Officials can apply for funding to attend clinics or other educational events.

Photo Gallery

Highlights from events supported by SJC

Danae Reid & Beyond Expectations
Shauna Cook & Casparo
Meike Wilpshaar & Mona Lisa
What a great weekend at the Pacific Equine Sport Winter Welcome!
We are very lucky to have such an accessible show in our backyeard! It was great to see learning happening in such a supportive atmosphere. This weekend was made especially notable because of the generosity of someone else in our Alberta equine community. From running accessible shows to always advocation for the Alberta equestrian community, John Anderson (Show Jumping Canada) is consistently working to make our community better. We want to take a minute to acknowlege his generosity in covering some of the show bills at Ponoka this past weekend. One of our own riders was randomly selected to have her show bill covered - we just want him to know, you made our weekend.
The Team at Wachter Horses