SJC wants to build show jumping in Canada by giving key stakeholders access to learning opportunities.

Do you want to be a better rider, trainer or official? SJC wants to help you!

SJC knows that to build a better and stronger sport, riders, trainers and officials need to be constantly improving their skills and learning from others. SJC is committed to these members with funding to attend clinics and other events that could help further their understanding and knowledge of the sport.

Are you a coach that needs to attend courses to get certified? Are you an aspiring official that needs to volunteer at shows to get recognized? Are you a rider that would like to participate in a clinic to improve your skills? SJC has dedicated a minimum of $50,000 annually to be distributed quarterly to qualified members who want to improve. 

SJC will also allocate funds to produce a wide variety of educational tools designed to educate members involved in our sport.  Informational videos, judge and course designer clinics, symposiums, and other types of events will assist SJC members in the further development of their equestrian  knowledge.  

Want to Apply?

Complete and submit the application. Only available to members of SJC. 



Join to be eligible for lucrative programs!

Riders, Trainers & Owners

$ 75
/ Year
  • Qualify for monthly awards & prizes! Riders can also apply for funding to pursue competition goals.

Competitions & Stables

$ 150
/ Year
  • Competitions and Stables can apply for lucrative funding to make improvements to their facilities.


$ 75
/ Year
  • Officials can apply for funding to attend clinics or other educational events.