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SJC is proud to publish a quarterly magazine entitled Ringside.

Show Jumping Canada will take its members “Ringside” on a quarterly basis with its online magazine publication aptly named Ringside.

Ringside Magazine is a quarterly magazine that will take the time to do stories about its members.  Canada is a large country and its easy for everyone to remain in their own little section of our great land.  SJC wants everyone to get to know each other better.  

By learning about others across the land that share the same passion about the sport that you do, could open up doors to new business opportunities and friendships that may not otherwise have been possible.  Ringside will share the stories of a couple members in each issue.  Those members may be stables or competition venues, trainers, riders, or officials that make up the SJC membership.

Ringside will also feature regular columns geared to education, informational tidbits, and upcoming SJC programs including the recipients of the various grants that are distributed to the membership. 

Val Burke-Harland of Calgary, and longtime member of Canada’s equestrian community will be Ringside’s editor-in-chief.  Along with her interest and shared passion of the sport, Val has extensive experience in the publishing world and will work hard to share her passion of the sport with the readers of Ringside.

Have a Question or Suggestion?

Simply send a note to Ringside’s editor and she along with her crew will work hard to answer your question or implement your suggestion.


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Riders, Trainers & Owners

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Competitions & Stables

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