Venue / Stable Development

SJC wants to help competition venues and stables grow bigger and better so Canadian riders have the best facilities.

Do you want to make improvements to your competition facility?   Do you need to make upgrades on your farm for the benefit of your students?  SJC wants to help! 

SJC knows that it’s already expensive to operate a quality competition facility and maintain a farm.  The expenses to make needed upgrades can be prohibitive.  We want to help venues provide the best experience to Canadian riders by providing funding for specific upgrades.

Does your facility need new jumps, breakaway cups, better footing, or even another ring?  SJC has dedicated a minimum of $50,000 to help hunter/jumper competition venues and farms improve, and will evaluate applications quarterly.

Want to apply?

Complete and submit the application. Only available to members of SJC.



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Riders, Trainers & Owners

$ 75
/ Year
  • Qualify for monthly awards & prizes! Riders can also apply for funding to pursue competition goals.

Competitions & Stables

$ 150
/ Year
  • Competitions and Stables can apply for lucrative funding to make improvements to their facilities.


$ 75
/ Year
  • Officials can apply for funding to attend clinics or other educational events.